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With the same wonderful experiences and tastes as we grew up eating in India, we bring you the same great Indian cuisine to Edmonton. With our exceptional service, authentic aromas, delicious Indian cuisine, and flavorful, homemade recipes, Amritsar Junction is sure to become your new favorite restaurant in Edmonton. Experience the best Indian Bread in Edmonton today, and see what we have to offer. 

Here’s a list of Indian bread:

  1. Roti/Chapati:- While roti (or chapati bread) is the main food in North India, rice is the main food in South India. Roti is a straightforward, unleavened bread made with whole wheat flour and fried on a griddle. It can be served with straightforward dals or unusual curries. Chapati has a wonderful melty edge and is soft and slightly chewy. The word “Chapati” is derived from the Hindi word “Chapat,” which in English means “flat.” For many savory or sweet relishes in India, it makes the ideal side dish. People frequently break the bread and savor the flavor.
  2. Paratha:- This bread was first produced in the Indian subcontinent and has since spread to many other nations. Whole wheat dough is used to make the flat flatbread known as paratha. Unlike Chapati, the bread has a thicker substance. In Tiffin, people frequently eat paratha for breakfast or as a snack (tea-time meal in India). For the bread, locals typically stuff mashed, seasoned potatoes with lentils (dal). You can also utilize vegetables like paneer, cauliflower, or radishes. The bread will taste better if you add butter, pickles, yogurt, or chutney. Additionally, you can roll a paratha and sip tea while eating it.
  3. Naan:- Perhaps the most well-known Indian bread is naan. Although it is wonderful for absorbing up the gravy in curry meals, this fluffy, leavened Indian flatbread is also the appropriate companion for other well-known dishes like paneer, dal, rajma, chicken, and many more. It is best served hot.
  4. Puri:- Puri has a different name for each language because there are numerous variants of India that range from region to region. A golden-brown snack from India, puri is a crispy deep-fried delight. It is a specialty of the Indian subcontinent, made using whole-wheat flour without yeast. Puri is a meal that is used in religious ceremonies like Pooja. For an explosive supper, serve this bread with curries that feature potatoes or other savory dishes like Chana masala or Korma. Halwa or Kheer, two common dessert accompaniments, are made using semolina. In India, Puri is typically served with chole, paneer, curry or bhaji to provide some delicious flavor and aromatic spices. It also has a stunning Indian dessert that is there to sate your appetite, though.
  5. Kulcha:- The most well-known Kulcha variety, with its distinctively delicate and airy texture, is found in Amritsar and Delhi. White peas are used to make the delicious street cuisine known as “Matar Kulcha,” which you must sample when in Delhi. Prepare to be surprised by this gentle Indian flatbread! A champion among Indian leavened flatbreads, kulcha has a subtle, mellow flavor. Before the second kneading, the dough is worked up tight and lifted. The baker will flatten and round it before baking it in the tandoor. Ghee or butter is frequently brushed on top of the bread to moisten the surface and give it a little creaminess.
  6. Bhatura:- Bhatura is an Indian fermented bread that is best savored when paired with Punjabi Chole, a chickpea dish. It is deep-fried to crispy, fluffy, golden-brown perfection. Bhatura is puffed deep-fried bread from India. It is a leavened bread that uses baking powder, commercial yeast, or natural yeast and is mildly fermented. Chola Bhatura is a highly well-liked combo, especially in Delhi, in North India. This combination can be seen on the menus of expensive restaurants, roadside shacks, and even certain street carts. To enjoy Indian food, you must try this dish, which is frequently served with achari aloo (tangy stir-fried potatoes), pickles, and spicy onions. 

Amritsar Junction is one of the most popular Indian Restaurants in Edmonton, and for good reason. Our authentic Indian cuisine is served with impeccable service in a warm, welcoming environment. Our chefs prepare each dish with care, using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Our extensive buffet menu offers something for everyone, including vegetarian and vegan options.

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