Paneer makhani (literally, “Cottage cheese in butter sauce”) is one of the most decadent vegetarian Indian dishes. It consists of a spicy tomato-based sauce cooked in butter and then garnished with heavy whipping cream, making a creamy, spicy, tangy, and sweet curry that everyone loves. A warm, comforting meal for everyone to dig into with cheerful abandon!

To live life whole-heartedly, while having some good food along the way is probably the best way to describe the outlook of many people in India, and perhaps the world too. Observing people having a good time over some good food, and laughing with friends and family has the power to make anyone happy. In an Indian restaurant, that table will most probably have the delectable ‘Paneer Butter Masala or Paneer Makhani”. It is easily one of the most ordered dishes in restaurants serving North Indian food. Delhi is the birthplace of this beautiful dish and many other authentic Indian dishes. A great amount of history is revealed in some of these dishes but let’s keep that discussion for some other day. 

Today, let’s talk about one of the most ordered dishes in India. Amritsar Junction is a leading Indian restaurant in Edmonton, where you can order your favorite Paneer Makhani and enjoy the taste. Paneer Makhani is one of those dishes that is easy on the palette and leaves a lingering satisfactory feeling after indulging in it. It will never be one of those dishes that you regret after eating it. The soft bite-sized paneer (cottage cheese) in a warm, rich tomato and cashew gravy which is further infused with flavors of prized spices like cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, etc., is velvety smooth and the best Indian food in Edmonton. 

This tomato-based curry is also versatile. Vegetarians love paneer makhani but if you eat chicken, paneer can be replaced with it and it would be called chicken butter masala. If you love mushrooms, you can saute some of them, introduce them to this yummy gravy, and make it your own. It would be called Mushroom butter masala. You get the drift. No wonder this dish has made a place in people’s hearts all over the world and Amritsar junction is also one of the top 10 Indian restaurants in Edmonton.

Paneer Makhani is a great way to start your everlasting love affair with wonderful Indian cuisine.

You can visit a good Indian restaurant (Amritsar junction) to try this today! Or if you are a home chef who likes to experiment in the kitchen, here is an easy and authentic recipe for you:

Ingredients use in Paneer makhani

Here are some of the ingredients used in making this buttery delicious paneer makhani recipe.

·     Tomato – we always use ripe tomatoes for puri

·     Green chili, Ginger, garlic – Prepare a thin paste

·     Cashews – Cashews increase the richness to the recipe

·     Kashmiri Red chili Powder – It gives a nice, bright red color to the gravy without being too spicy

·     Butter (makkhan) – we can’t imagine this dish without butter and this is a special ingredient in making paneer makhani. The addition of a good amount of butter makes the gravy rich.

·     Salt – This is the whole and soul of any recipe and the quantity should always be balanced.

·     Kasoorimethi- Its flavor and aroma help to enhance the taste.

·     Garam masala – It is also an important ingredient to enhance the taste.

·     Heavy cream -The addition of cream makes the makhani sauce creamy and rich.

·     Paneer – This is an essential part of this recipe and    

·     Sugar  -Little bit of sugar also helps to make paneer makhani more delicious

·     Water – As we all know without water, we can’t take a step further and water also plays a big role.

How to Prepare delicious Paneer- Makhani

1.     Heat a pan or Kadai to medium heat. After heating, add the butter and let it melt.

2.   Add the prepared puree and mix.

3.   Simmer and cook until the sauce thickens (most of the water has evaporated). The sauce can sizzle a lot. If so, partially cover the pan with a lid. Meanwhile, stir to make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

4.   Now add salt, Kashmiri chili powder, coriander powder, and sugar.

5.   Mix and cook for a minute.

6.   Now add water and mix.

7.   Let the sauce boil for 5 minutes.

8.   Then add paneer, garam masala and kasoori methi (crush between palms before adding). Mix well. And let the curry come to a boil.

9.   Then add heavy cream and mix.

10.   Once the gravy starts to boil, switch off the stove and the paneer makhani is ready to serve.

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